General Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully these GTC, in which Urban Education Kft. company informs those, who have applied to attend the training organized by it, of the general terms and conditions of the contract to be established with them. By checking “I have read and accepted the GTC” the course participant declares that s/he explicitly accepts these terms and conditions.

Service Provider — the organizer of the course:

Urbán Education Kft.
registered office: 1025 Budapest, Pitypang utca 7.
tax number: 27537796-2-41
company registration number: 01-09-393759
contact: +36 (1) 2000-898
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Participant: a person participating in the course

I. The Contract Between the Service Provider and the Participant

To participate in the courses organized by the Service Provider you are required to register and fill out the application form. The contract between the Service Provider and the Participant becomes validly established by voluntary registration, filling out the application form and accepting these GTC by the Participant and qualifies as an electronic written contract. The Service Provider shall send a confirmation on concluding the written contract in the above manner with the Participant to the e-mail address indicated by the Participant in her/his registration profile. The language for contract conclusion is English. By filling out the application form and accepting these GTC the Participant declares that her/his capacity to act and ability to enter into contracts are not limited. Data provided by the Participant in the application process must be complete and true. The Participant hereby declares that the data given by her/him are complete and true.

Under the contract established between the Service Provider and the Participant, the Service Provider shall provide services related to the course to the Participant, in consideration for which the Participant shall pay a participation fee to the Service Provider.
The completion of the application form and the acceptance of the GTC in each case shall be considered as a valid enrolment, therefore the realization of the course shall entail a payment liability.

The content and program of services provided throughout the course shall be determined by the Service Provider and the information posted on the Service Provider’s website. To provide the services, the Service Provider may employ subcontractors, its service may contain a mediated service as well.

The Contract between the Service Provider and the Participant concluded as described shall remain valid for a fixed term until the end of the course.

II. Payment Terms

The Participant can pay the participation fee online at the course's website, using her/his bank card. After the receipt of the participation fee, the Service Provider shall issue an invoice in electronic form and send it to the Participant’s e-mail address. In the absence of payment of the participation fee the Service Provider cannot accept the application and perform according to the contract. The electronic invoice sent to the Participant shall include VAT. The Service Provider shall accept the applications in the order of receiving of participation fees. Participation fee 

The participation fee includes the participation in scientific programs, lectures of the upskilling course, serving of refreshers, coffee, snacks during breaks, lunches every day during the course and a dinner on the first day of the course. The participation fee also includes the personal transport service (pick up), if the Participant’s accommodation is located in Districts I, II or V. The fee elements of the course cannot be given in more details than those given in the application form.

Currency exchanges are carried out at the market rate.

III. Withdrawal from the Contract

The Participant may withdraw from the contract within 6 weeks from the date of conclusion of the contract. Thereafter, the Service Provider is not in a position to refund the participation fee in the case of cancellation of participation, but the Participant is ensured a possibility to re-enrol to another date during 6 weeks before the start date of the course. The Service Provider shall take care to refund the participation fee due back based on the termination of the contract within 8 working days after the termination has taken effect. However, registration fee is non-refundable. The participation can be cancelled only in writing. If the Participant wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, s/he can do so by postal mail or by e-mail, referring to the course and the application ID, which can be found in the confirmation of the application. The Service Provider shall take into account the send date in the case of cancellation via e-mail and the postmarked date in the case of postal mail.

The Service Provider shall be entitled to withdraw from the concluded contract if the Participant does not fulfil or does not fulfil even in spite of warning her/his obligations under these GTC or otherwise breaches seriously an essential condition of the contract.

The right to participate is transferable to another person. If the Participant transfers her/his right to participate to another person, s/he shall be required to report the details of another Participant to the Service Provider.

IV. Video and Voice Recordings

To document the course and to promote the profession, the Service Provider makes video and voice recordings or provides to this effect during the course and in the future makes these recordings publicly available by electronic means. By accepting the GTC the Participant consents to video and voice recordings that do not breach her/his privacy rights and to public disclosure of these recordings for the purpose of promotion and presentation of the congress.

V. Insurance

The Participants shall be required to take care of travel insurance by themselves. The Service Provider excludes any liability for personal or property damage incurred at the Participants.

VI. Withdrawal

The Participant acknowledges that it shall not assert any claims against the Service Provider when the cause of failure of the course is an unexpected political or environmental factor, force majeure. The Participant shall not assert any claims even when any of the speakers does not appear or the course program changes for any other reason. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the course program.

By signing these GTC the Participant acknowledges that s/he participates in the course at her/his own risk.

VII. Other Provisions

The Service Provider excludes to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law the liability for compensation for damage in the context of performance of the contract.

Matters not covered by these GTC shall be governed by the Hungarian law, in particular, Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, and other relevant provisions of the Hungarian law. In case of a legal dispute a Hungarian court with competence and jurisdiction in accordance with Act III of 1952 on Civil Procedure shall deal with the case.

The final program of upskilling shall become available for download prior to the course.

The Service Provider reserves the right to exclude from the participation in the upskilling course or the completion of exams those who violate the rules contained in this Code and the legal declaration found on the website, behave or act offensively towards the interests of the Service Provider or other people.

Done in Budapest, on 06 June 2017.


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